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To be a leading quality business solutions provider for growing organizations‎ in the MENA Region


Our vision consist of three main pillars; all business solutions along with the quality service expected at reasonable costs

Our Goal

To provide all quality business solutions and services under one roof

Our Services

Administrative Support to Start New Businesses

Governmental Transactions, Local Sponsors, Company Memorandum, Legal Translation, Websites, IT Servers, etc

Placement Consultancy Services

Professional Executive Search to Assess and Shortlist the Right Candidates for your Business

Packaged HR Consultancy Services

Grading Systems, Organizational Hierarchies, Salary Scales, Job Mapping, etc

HRMS Deployment Services

HRMS to Manage your Payroll, Annual Pays, Overtime, Deductions, Staff Personal Loans, Attendance, Recruitment, Training, Retention, Discipline, HRIS, Bonuses, etc


Save Staff Cost by using a Reliable Payroll Agent for your Monthly Payroll, Staff Increments, Promotions, Personal Loans, Commissions, Annual Pays, Over-time, Deductions, Bonuses, EOS Calculations, Discipline, Attendance, Performance Records and much more.

About Us

XR Corporation was found in Dubai, UAE, in January 2008 as a professional consultancy organization providing various type of corporate HR and Management services.

XR Corporation provides its clients with professional executive search services to asses and short list the right candidates for their business at various Levels.

We work with a selective range of professional Consultants to furnish our customers with the proper international HR business infrastructure, systems and resources to strengthen their business setups, operations and growth. The consultants can travel to client locations when needed to provide the required advises, orientations and/or training as and when required.

XR Corporation takes pride in the professional services it delivers to its clients and cherishes a strict confidentiality policy to ensure that all client assignments, details and information are safely guarded and protected during and after assignments.

Because we believe in proper corporate control and governance to protect businesses from chaotic and random processes, we aim to support young, growing and good size organizations to build their solid business structures. This does not only allow Management to take good control over their HR operations, but also saves organizations good amount of money that are lost due to disorders in operations and habitual jumbled processes.

Nevertheless you always need less number of employees if your organization is guided with the right setup and systems to manage your day to day operations. This is where we feel we can be of value to your business.

What We Can Do

We support businessmen to set up their businesses through a number of administrative and professional services such as:

  • Guidance and support to finalize govermental transactions
  • Developing and maintaining organization's website and IT servers
  • Placement Services to identify, assess and shortlist professional candidates
  • Building Organizational Hierarchy
  • Deploying XR Payroll and HR Management Systems
  • Creating Grading Systems in accordance to international Standards
  • Forming Salary Scales at par with the UAE market‎ for the each industrial sector
  • Mapping existing and future positions to the right grades
  • Other various HR Consultancy services as would be required by clients such as HR policies, performance management systems, job descriptions, etc.

Setting Up Your Company is Our Business