Payroll Services

If your company is an SME or even a large organization with thousands of employees and you do not wish to invest in expensive payroll systems or deploy a payroll processing team that will increase your over-heads, select XR Corporation as your reliable payroll agent at a very economical processing fee.

XR Corporation Management Consultancy has over 8 years of intensive payroll processing experience for SMEs and for larger organizations with thousands of employees. Your company payroll transactions will be processed in a well-organized, well-timed and most efficient means. Moreover one of the most common concerns for internal payroll processing are the payroll leaks. Having a financial team aware of all the company finances and another payroll team to deal with your day to day staff finances increases the risk of confidentiality. At XR Corporation payroll processing is soundless. It is being processed away from your offices, so regular staff interactions are nil. Equally the XR payroll team has been trained to share payroll information through one authorized channel for each client. This eliminates leaks to the maximum. Moreover all electronically transmitted files and reports are password protected to avoid accidental falls. Only pre-agreed and authorized personnel can have access to your payroll files.

Nevertheless XR Payroll services provide you with all type of employees and payroll reports within minutes. To help you take a decision for staff promotions, redundancy, screening or movements any type of reports can be generated within minutes. Whether reports are requested daily, monthly or periodically or whether related to staff history or financial issues, it will be close to you. Equally XR Payroll services can support your manpower planning and budgeting at the time of request. You can see your employees in each unit categorized for easy screening and review staff costings at any point of time. Manpower budgeting for branches or business units can also be generated at request.

We invested heavily in the XR Payroll system to make you pay less for higher levels of business services. Connect to us today and show your interest thru . Ask for a quote. Just send the total number of employees that work for your company and realize the difference in processing cost. A payroll clerk (lowest category possible) can cost you an average of AED 45,000 to 65,000 a year. Compare our fees and find out how much money you can save. Dealing with XR Payroll Services for organized and well serviced payroll transactions is an ideal option for your business. Upon hearing from you the payroll team will visit you for further orientation and to address any concerns that you may have.