Placement Consultancy Services


If you already noticed when you advertise for any required position online or thru a physical media, you receive hundreds of respondents / applicants in all type of specializations, majors and professions. Eventually you lose interest in filtering and finding the right fit.

At XR Corporation we save you the effort and time in finding the right candidates for your business at very special service rates.

Our steps to shortlist the best 3 candidates for any particular position is summarized as follows:

  • We have a large database of professionals filtered by our specialized consultants
  • We enhanced our search methodologies to find the right candidates in shorter times and through the right channels.
  • In many cases, we contact the selected candidates directly (headhunt) to reach out to the right fit
  • We apply four main professional filters that take 10s of man hours before sending any CVs for you to meet. To explain further please read below:
    • Administrative filter: to filter out non-matching candidates from academical, skills, age, etc as per the given requisitions
    • Professional filter: to filter out candidates with experience precautions such as experience relevance, experience gaps, lengths at each organization, number of promotions, increments, rewards, etc
    • Shortlisting for interviews: further analysis to identify the most commendable candidates for a face to face interviews. For this criteria several other professional elements are considered
    • Personal face to face assessments: conduct personal interviews for the shortlisted candidates using clearly identified methodologies and techniques

Do not sacrifice your valuable time and efforts to find the right candidates for your business. The Human capital of any business is the most vital. It is also one of the main success factors for a business. Allow us to filter out and shortlist the best applicants before you start your own interviews for final selection.


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